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Dated: April 2 2020

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We live in Canada'sparadise where our climate allows for the growth of so many different types of fruits and vegetables.  With grapes and apples being at the top of most peopes' minds when they visit the Okanagan, today we are going to focus on something a bit different and that is honey!

Honey bees need a warm climate, wild flowers, water and nectar. Their perfect setting is a rular area close to an organic farm that uses no chemicals.  We have a few of thse here in the Okanagan so let's check out a couple honey farms that you can visit later this year. 

Let's start with Planet Bee Honey.  This farm opened its doors over 20 years ago.  Started by Mr. Ed Nowek as a hobby farm this amazing place has grown to an educational, tourist location in Vernon BC where the honey is sources from local beekepers. The goal is to educate eeryone on the importance of honey bees and the numerous health and healing products if the hive!

Not only do they carry honey, but the also carry all natural beauty products made with, you guessed it, honey.

Check them out here at Planet Bee.

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