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Dated: February 18 2020

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Every single time I pop into The Jammery, there's a good 30-40 minute wait for a seat.  A couple times we just couldn't wait but I always wondered, "Why is this place always busy?. Why do people wait 40 minutes for food? Why do people go out of their way to come here?"

So, I took it upon myself to figure out why? why? why?!

This past Family Day weekend I was working up in Lake Country so heading to The Jammery afterwards was exactly what we were doing for lunch. No questions asked. I needed to experience tis place for myself.

The property itselfis inset just off Highway 97 coming into Kelowna from Vernon. The parking lot is quite full but we manage to find a spot and mosy on to te door.  And there it is...the "You Gotta Eat Here" sign.  A few years back The Jammery was featured on the Candian Food TV show and after that I am sure the place took off.  Who wouldn't want to eat here? :)

Attached to the restaurant is the gift shop and there is an assortment of jms, jellies, jarred creations and lovely little things to fill up your kitchens.  Reasonable priced Jams are about $5 each and you always get a deal if you buy 3!

My all time favorite is strawberry but the blueberry is a close second! The shop is a perfect place to browse while you're waiting for your table.

Once seated the servers are on top of things offerring us drinks and menus.

It was an easy choice for us....all you can eat blueberry pancakes and the Capicolli Benny. Yum!

I decided I am not going to show you what we need to get over there and try for yourself. Absolutely delish!

Happy Saturday!


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