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Dated: January 17 2020

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Are these the ugliest kitchens in the world?

I thought I have seen EVERYTHING, but nothing quite like these here in Kelowna. I found these #awesome kitchens that will either give you a kick in the butt (if yours looks like one of these), or a good laugh because they are not the classiest kitchens I have seen! 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house.  You probably spend more time in the bedroom, and your guests are likely sent into the living room, but most of the real quality time is usually spent in the kitchen. A warm, comfortable kitchen can make up for fluorescent lighting, bad light, even wall-to-wall carpeting, but a bad kitchen has the potential to ruin a house.

Here are some kitchens that are so bad, that the houses attached to them should be quarantined. Let’s look at a few of the worst kitchens and regret that we ever thought that an all-white kitchen was too boring.

You know how when some people go through a bad breakup, they enter this temporary mild psychosis and then they buy a new car or change their style drastically? I feel like this kitchen was the result of someone’s crisis.    

(Coughs nervously), So, in your Plenty of Fish profile you mentioned that you still live with your grandparents and enjoy VHS?"

Extreme modernism? Hmmm.... This kitchen hails from Bulgaria but apparently located in the future. The designers said they were inspired by cubism and surrealism, and the kitchen does succeed as an art project. Andy Warhol did say, "Art is what you can get away with." Well, they definitely got away with this one!

"What kindof tilework would you like?" "How about something that looks as if the kitchen stabbed itself and bled all over?" WHAAAAT! 

Yep! My kids were here. 

The concensus here is noed as THE UGLIEST kitchen in the world. I agree...

This looks like a whole lot of fingerprint action to me but in all honesty I kind of like it!

I am looking forward to finding the most beautiful kitchens next!

Happy Buying and Selling!


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